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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Annual Report 2008-09IIT Bhubaneswar
2010Annual Report 2009-10IIT Bhubaneswar
2011Fiber-optic, LEO-based, communications ringMeulenberg A.; Sharma G.; Wan T.C.
2011Maximum likelihood DOA estimation in distributed wireless sensor network using adaptive particle swarm optimizationPanigrahi T.; Hanumantharao A.D.; Panda G.; Majhi B.; Mulgrew B.
2011Beam on spatially random elastic foundationHaldar S.; Basu D.
2011Sliding wear behavior of in situ Al-4.5Cu-5TiB2 composite processed by single and multiple roll passes in mushy stateSiddhalingeshwar I.G.; Deepthi D.; Chakraborty M.; Mitra R.
2011Absence of ferromagnetic interaction in Co-Co nearest neighbor impurity pairs in ZnO: An analysis from GGA+U studiesNayak S.K.; Ney A.; Gruner M.E.; Tripathi G.S.; Behera S.N.; Entel P.
2011A comparative study of fuzzy c-means algorithm and entropy-based fuzzy clustering algorithmsChattopadhyay S.; Pratihar D.K.; De Sarkar S.C.
2011Design considerations for plasmonic-excitation based optical detection of liquid and gas media in infraredJha R.; Sharma A.K.
2011An investigation on phase formations and microstructures of Ni-rich Ni-Ti shape memory alloy thin filmsGeetha Priyadarshini B.; Aich S.; Chakraborty M.
2011Novel stock market prediction using a hybrid model of adptive linear combiner and differential evolutionRout M.; Majhi B.; Majhi R.; Panda G.
2011Low temperature magnetic anomalies in Er5Si3Mohapatra N.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2011Reactivity and selectivity of organotin reagents in allylation and arylation: Nucleophilicity parameter as a guidePratihar S.; Roy S.
2011Electron interference in fast ion collisions with H2 and the frequency parameterChatterjee S.; Misra D.; Fainstein P.D.; Tribedi L.C.
2011Ultrasonic pretreatment of sludge: A reviewPilli S.; Bhunia P.; Yan S.; LeBlanc R.J.; Tyagi R.D.; Surampalli R.Y.
2011Design and implementation of low power smart PV energy system for portable applications using synchronous buck converterBabu B.C.; Sriharsha, Kumar A.; Saroagi N.; Samantaray S.R.
2011Long-haul 64-channel 10-Gbps DWDM system design and simulation in presence of optical Kerr's effectPatnaik B.; Sahu P.K.
2011Mono cationic palladium(II): Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity in Suzuki couplingPratihar S.; Marek J.; Roy S.
2011Seismic demand of low-rise multistory systems with general asymmetryDutta S.C.; Roy R.
2011Assessment of ROCPAD relay for islanding detection in distributed generationSamui A.; Samantaray S.R.