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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Annual Report 2008-09IIT Bhubaneswar
2010Annual Report 2009-10IIT Bhubaneswar
2011FRC performance comparison: Uniaxial direct tensile test, third-point bending test, and round panel testChao S.-H.; Cho J.-S.; Karki N.B.; Sahoo D.R.; Yazdani N.
2011Sensitivity enhancement of a surface plasmon resonance based biomolecules sensor using graphene and silicon layersVerma R.; Gupta B.D.; Jha R.
2011A first-order magnetic phase transition near 15K with novel magnetic-field-induced effects in Er5Si3Mohapatra N.; Mukherjee K.; Iyer K.K.; Sampathkumaran E.V.
2011Fiber-optic, LEO-based, communications ringMeulenberg A.; Sharma G.; Wan T.C.
2011Assessment of P-V droop characteristics in islanding detection with frequency-dependent ZIP-exponential static loadSamui A.; Samantaray S.R.
2011A stand-alone wind energy system with battery storageBhende C.; Malla S.
2011New GOPSO and its application to robust identificationBaghel V.; Nanda S.J.; Panda G.
2011Photovoltaic based water pumping systemMalla S.G.; Bhende C.N.; Mishra S.
2011Development of low complexity evolutionary computing based nonlinear active noise control systemsGeorge N.V.; Panda G.
2011Design of cognitive radio engine using artificial bee colony algorithmPradhan P.M.
2011Wind power forecasting model using complex wavelet theoryMishra S.; Sharma A.; Panda G.
2011From the guest editorsPandey P.C.; Dash M.K.
2011Design and implementation of low power smart PV energy system for portable applications using synchronous buck converterBabu B.C.; Sriharsha, Kumar A.; Saroagi N.; Samantaray S.R.
2011Detection of power quality disturbances in presence of DFIG wind farm using wavelet transform based energy functionDubey R.; Samantaray S.R.; Babu B.C.; Kumar S.N.
2011A novel out-of-step detection algorithm using angle of power signalDubey R.; Samantaray S.R.; Babu B.C.; Kumar S.N.
2011Spectral energy function for fault detection during power swingSamantaray S.R.; Dubey R.K.; Tripathy L.N.; Babu B.C.
2011Differential energy based relaying for thyristror controlled series compensated lineTripathy L.N.; Samantaray S.R.
2011Short pulse collimated radiation with diffusely reflecting boundariesPadhi B.N.; Rath P.; Mahapatra S.K.; Satapathy A.K.