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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014150 km long distributed temperature sensor using phase modulated probe wave and optimization techniquePradhan H.S.; Sahu P.K.
20173D cuboidal vanadium diselenide embedded reduced graphene oxide hybrid structures with enhanced supercapacitor propertiesMarriThese Authors Contributed Equally. S.R.; Ratha S.; Rout C.S.; Behera J.N.
20133D FE delamination induced damage analyses of adhesive bonded lap shear joints made with curved laminated FRP composite panelsPradhan A.K.; Parida S.K.
20193D Modeling of Long-Term Dynamic Behavior of Monopile-Supported Offshore Wind Turbine in ClayBisoi S.; Haldar S.
20173D text segmentation and recognition using leap motionKumar P.; Saini R.; Roy P.P.; Dogra D.P.
20133D visualization and mapping of choroid thickness based on optical coherence tomography: A step-by-step geometric approachKiran Kumar V.; Chandra T.R.; Jana S.; Richhariya A.; Chhablani J.
20184-QAM and 16-QAM modulation employing single dual drive Mach-Zehnder modulator and FBG for OFDM-radio-over-fiber systemBasha S.A.H.; Ghosh D.; Sahu P.K.
2017Abatement of NOX using compact high voltage pulse power supply: Towards retrofitting to automobile vehicleMohapatro S.; Sharma N.K.; Madhukar A.
2019ABEP Performance of AF System Employing QSSK over IoT NetworkSahu H.K.; Sahu P.R.
2015The ability of the auditory system to cope with temporal subsampling depends on the hierarchical level of processingZoefel B.; Reddy Pasham N.; Br´┐Żers S.; VanRullen R.
2014Abrasive Wear Analysis of Plasma-Sprayed LaCeYSZ Nanocomposite Coatings Using Experimental Design and ANNMantry S.; Jha B.B.; Mandal A.; Chakraborty M.; Mishra B.K.
2019Abrasive wear analysis of RZ5/TiC in-situ composites: a statistical approachMehra D.; Mahapatra M.M.; Harsha S.P.
2018Abrasive wear behavior of in-situ RZ5-10wt%TiC compositeMehra D.; Mahapatra M.M.; Harsha S.P.
2015Abrupt changes in Indian summer monsoon strength during 33,800 to 5500years B.P.Dutt S.; Gupta A.K.; Clemens S.C.; Cheng H.; Singh R.K.; Kathayat G.; Lawrence Edwards R.
2019Abrupt changes in Indian summer monsoon strength during the last ~900 years and their linkages to socio-economic conditions in the Indian subcontinentGupta A.K.; Dutt S.; Cheng H.; Singh R.K.
2011Absence of ferromagnetic interaction in Co-Co nearest neighbor impurity pairs in ZnO: An analysis from GGA+U studiesNayak S.K.; Ney A.; Gruner M.E.; Tripathi G.S.; Behera S.N.; Entel P.
2012Accident prediction models for urban roadsSarkar A.; Sahoo U.C.; Sahoo G.
2017Accommodative FAS-FMG multilevel based meshfree augmented rbf-fd method for navier-stokes equations in spherical geometryBarik N.B.; Sekhar T.V.S.
2012Accurate partitional clustering algorithm based on immunized PSONanda S.J.; Panda G.
2014Accurate refractive-index sensing with tamm-plasmon and surface-plasmon based hybrid configurationsDas R.; Srivastava T.; Jha R.