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Title: 3D FE delamination induced damage analyses of adhesive bonded lap shear joints made with curved laminated FRP composite panels
Authors: Pradhan A.K.
Parida S.K.
Keywords: adhesive joints
fibre reinforced plastic (FRP)
strain energy release rate (SERR)
virtual crack closure technique (VCCT)
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: 7
Abstract: This paper deals with the evaluation of inter-laminar stresses in the adhesive layer existing between the lap and the strap adherends of lap shear joints (LSJ) made with curved laminated fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) composite panels for varied embedded delaminations between the first and second plies of the strap adherend. Non-linear finite element analyses have been carried out using contact and multi point constraint (MPC) elements. The use of contact elements ensures avoidance of inter-penetration of delaminated surfaces. Sequential release of MPC elements facilitates computation of individual modes of Strain Energy Release Rates (SERR). The effects of varied delamination lengths on variations of peel and inter-laminar shear stresses and different modes of SERR are seen to be very significant. Their variations on both the delamination fronts, for each size of the delamination, are found to be much different from each other indicating different propagation rates at the two delamination fronts. The structural integrity of the LSJ in the presence of delaminations, thus, can be predicted with adaptive finite element (FE) simulations. It is further seen that the peak stress magnitudes and SERRs are higher in the LSJs made with curved FRP composite panels as compared to the flat laminates. This may be due to the stiffening effects induced by the curvature geometry of the curved composite panels. � 2012 Taylor & Francis.
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