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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Abrasive wear analysis of RZ5/TiC in-situ composites: a statistical approachMehra D.; Mahapatra M.M.; Harsha S.P.
2011The role of heat treatment on microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-13Zr-13Nb alloy for biomedical load bearing applicationsMajumdar P.; Singh S.B.; Chakraborty M.
2011Sliding wear behavior of in situ Al-4.5Cu-5TiB2 composite processed by single and multiple roll passes in mushy stateSiddhalingeshwar I.G.; Deepthi D.; Chakraborty M.; Mitra R.
2011The influence of heat treatment and role of boron on sliding wear behaviour of ?-type Ti-35Nb-7.2Zr-5.7Ta alloy in dry condition and in simulated body fluidsMajumdar P.; Singh S.B.; Chakraborty M.
2012Tribological behavior of Mg- Mg 2Si in-situ compositeAjith Kumar K.K.; Subramonia Pillai U.T.; Chandrasekhara Pai B.; Chakraborty M.
2012Processing and microstructure of magnesium in-situ composite with titanium and boron based reinforcementAjith Kumar K.K.; Raghukanadan K.; Subramonia Pillai U.T.; Chandrasekhara Pai B.; Chakraborty M.
2013Dry sliding wear behaviour of Mg-Si alloysAjith Kumar K.K.; Pillai U.T.S.; Pai B.C.; Chakraborty M.
2014Effect of high magnesium content on microstructure of Al-7Si alloyMandal A.; Chippa N.; Jayasankar K.; Mukherjee P.S.
2015Effect of Cooling Slope Angle on Microstructure of Al-7Si AlloyAcharya M.; Deepak Kumar S.; Mandal A.
2015Design of experiment (DOE) study of hydroxyapatite-coated magnesium by cold spray depositionHasniyati M.R.; Zuhailawati H.; Ramakrishnan S.; Dhindaw B.K.; Mohd Noor S.N.F.