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Title: X-ray tomography studies on porosity and particle size distribution in cast in-situ Al-Cu-TiB2 semi-solid forged composites
Authors: Mathew J.
Mandal A.
Warnett J.
Williams M.A.
Chakraborty M.
Srirangam P.
Keywords: Al-Cu alloy
Metal matrix composite
TiB2 particles
X-ray computed tomography
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: 7
Abstract: X-ray computed tomography (XCT) was used to characterise the internal microstructure and clustering behaviour of TiB2 particles in in-situ processed Al-Cu metal matrix composites prepared by casting method. Forging was used in semi-solid state to reduce the porosity and to uniformly disperse TiB2 particles in the composite. Quantification of porosity and clustering of TiB2 particles was evaluated for different forging reductions (30% and 50% reductions) and compared with an as-cast sample using XCT. Results show that the porosity content was decreased by about 40% due to semi-solid forging as compared to the as-cast condition. Further, XCT results show that the 30% forging reduction resulted in greater uniformity in distribution of TiB2 particles within the composite compared to as-cast and the 50% forge reduction in semi-solid state. These results show that the application of forging in semi-solid state enhances particle distribution and reduces porosity formation in cast in-situ Al-Cu-TiB2 metal matrix composites. � 2016 Elsevier Inc.
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