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Title: Studies of charmed strange baryons in the ?d final state at Belle
Authors: Kato Y.
Iijima T.
Adachi I.
Aihara H.
Asner D.M.
Aulchenko V.
Ayad R.
Badhrees I.
Bakich A.M.
Barberio E.
Behera P.
Bhardwaj V.
Bhuyan B.
Biswal J.
Bobrov A.
Bondar A.
Bonvicini G.
Bozek A.
Bra?ko M.
Browder T.E.
?ervenkov D.
Chekelian V.
Cheon B.G.
Chilikin K.
Chistov R.
Cho K.
Chobanova V.
Choi S.-K.
Choi Y.
Cinabro D.
Dalseno J.
Danilov M.
Dash N.
Di Carlo S.
Dole�al Z.
Dr�sal Z.
Dutta D.
Eidelman S.
Epifanov D.
Farhat H.
Fast J.E.
Ferber T.
Fulsom B.G.
Gaur V.
Gabyshev N.
Garmash A.
Gillard R.
Glattauer R.
Goldenzweig P.
Grzymkowska O.
Haba J.
Hayasaka K.
Hayashii H.
Hirose S.
Hou W.-S.
Inguglia G.
Ishikawa A.
Itoh R.
Iwasaki Y.
Jaegle I.
Joo K.K.
Julius T.
Kato E.
Kiesling C.
Kim D.Y.
Kim J.B.
Kim K.T.
Kim S.H.
Kim Y.J.
Kinoshita K.
Kody� P.
Korpar S.
Kotchetkov D.
Kri�an P.
Krokovny P.
Kuhr T.
Kuzmin A.
Kwon Y.-J.
Lange J.S.
Li C.H.
Li H.
Li L.
Li Y.
Li Gioi L.
Libby J.
Liventsev D.
Lubej M.
Luo T.
Masuda M.
Matsuda T.
Matvienko D.
Miyabayashi K.
Miyata H.
Mizuk R.
Mohanty G.B.
Mohanty S.
Moll A.
Moon H.K.
Mussa R.
Nakao M.
Nanut T.
Nath K.J.
Natkaniec Z.
Nayak M.
Niiyama M.
Nishida S.
Ogawa S.
Okuno S.
Olsen S.L.
Pakhlov P.
Pakhlova G.
Pal B.
Park C.-S.
Park H.
Pestotnik R.
Petri? M.
Piilonen L.E.
Pulvermacher C.
Rauch J.
Ritter M.
Rostomyan A.
Sakai Y.
Sandilya S.
Santelj L.
Sanuki T.
Savinov V.
Schl�ter T.
Schneider O.
Schnell G.
Schwanda C.
Seino Y.
Semmler D.
Senyo K.
Seon O.
Seong I.S.
Sevior M.E.
Shen C.P.
Shibata T.-A.
Shiu J.-G.
Sokolov A.
Solovieva E.
Stari? M.
Sumihama M.
Sumiyoshi T.
Takizawa M.
Tanida K.
Tenchini F.
Trabelsi K.
Uchida M.
Uehara S.
Uglov T.
Unno Y.
Uno S.
Urquijo P.
Usov Y.
Varner G.
Varvell K.E.
Vorobyev V.
Wang C.H.
Wang P.
Watanabe M.
Watanabe Y.
Wehle S.
Williams K.M.
Won E.
Yamaoka J.
Yamashita Y.
Yashchenko S.
Ye H.
Yelton J.
Yook Y.
Yuan C.Z.
Zhang Z.P.
Zhilich V.
Zhukova V.
Zhulanov V.
Zupanc A.
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: 31
Abstract: We report the discovery of ?c(3055)0, observed by its decay into the final-state ?D0, and present the first observation and evidence of the decays of ?c(3055)+ and ?c(3080)+ into ?D+. We also perform a combined analysis of the ?D+ with the ?c++K- and ?c?++K- decay modes to measure the ratios of branching fractions, masses and widths with improved accuracy. We measure the ratios of branching fractions B(?c(3055)+??D+)/B(?c(3055)+??c++K-)=5.09�1.01�0.76, B(?c(3080)+??D+)/B(?c(3080)+??c++K-)=1.29�0.30�0.15, and B(?c(3080)+??c?++K-)/B(?c(3080)+??c++K-)=1.07�0.27�0.04, where the uncertainties are statistical and systematic. The analysis is performed using a 980 fb-1 data sample collected with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e+e- collider. � 2016 American Physical Society.
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