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Title: Electrochemical sensing of bisphenol using a multilayer graphene nanobelt modified photolithography patterned platinum electrode
Authors: Kannan P.K.
Hu C.
Morgan H.
Moshkalev S.A.
Rout C.S.
Keywords: bisphenol
edge effects
electrochemical sensor
multilayer grapheme
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: 8
Abstract: An electrochemical sensor has been developed for the detection of Bisphenol-A (BPA) using photolithographically patterned platinum electrodes modified with multilayer graphene nanobelts (GNB). Compared to bare electrodes, the GNB modified electrode exhibited enhanced BPA oxidation current, due to the high effective surface area and high adsorption capacity of the GNB. The sensor showed a linear response over the concentration range from 0.5 ?M-9 ?M with a very low limit of detection = 37.33 nM. In addition, the sensor showed very good stability and reproducibility with good specificity, demonstrating that GNB is potentially a new material for the development of a practical BPA electrochemical sensor with application in both industrial and plastic industries. � 2016 IOP Publishing Ltd.
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