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Title: Enhancement in Primary Frequency Regulation of Wind Generator using Fuzzy-based Control
Authors: Pradhan C.
Bhende C.N.
Keywords: deloading operation
droop control
fuzzy logic
primary frequency regulation
variable-speed wind turbine generator
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: 11
Abstract: This article focuses on fuzzy logic-based primary frequency regulation of doubly fed induction generator type variable-speed wind turbine generators. Wind turbine generators can be operated at a deloading power point with a reduced power level instead of maximum power point. Deloading operation makes the reserve power available, which can be utilized to stabilize the power system for frequency regulation during active power mismatch between generation and demand. The droop control is implemented as supplementary control to improve the short-term frequency dynamics. In this article, the deloading parameter and droop parameter of wind turbine generators are dynamically adjusted by using a fuzzy-based controller that mitigates system frequency transients. The combination of fuzzy-based dynamic deloading and variable droop operation gives better power system performance in terms of frequency excursion and increases the output power extracted from the deloaded wind turbine generator. Hence, proposed the fuzzy-based droop and deloading scheme not only increases overall annual capacity factor of wind farm but also reduces fuel consumption when diesel generators are operated along with wind turbines. The effectiveness of the proposed fuzzy-based control scheme is validated on an IEEE 9-bus test system. � 2016, Copyright � Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
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