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Title: Stable field emission from layered MoS2 nanosheets in high vacuum and observation of 1/f noise
Authors: Kashid R.V.
Joag P.D.
Thripuranthaka M.
Rout C.S.
Late D.J.
More M.A.
Keywords: Electron emission
Layered materials
Noise measurement
Raman spectroscopy
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: 12
Abstract: Field emission and current noise of hydrothermally synthesized MoS2 nanosheets are investigated in ultrahigh- vacuum and industrially suited high-vacuum conditions. The study reveals that the emission turn-on field is pressure dependent. Moreover, the MoS2 nanosheets exhibit more stable field-electron emission in highvacuum than in ultra-high-vacuum conditions. The investigations on field-emission current fluctuations show features of 1/f-type noise in ultra-high-vacuum and highvacuum conditions, attributed to adsorption and desorption processes. The post-field-emission results indicate the MoS2 nanosheets are a robust field emitter in highvacuum conditions. � 2015 The Author(s).
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