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Title: Recent developments in 2D layered inorganic nanomaterials for sensing
Authors: Kannan P.K.
Late D.J.
Morgan H.
Rout C.S.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: 186
Abstract: Two dimensional layered inorganic nanomaterials (2D-LINs) have recently attracted huge interest because of their unique thickness dependent physical and chemical properties and potential technological applications. The properties of these layered materials can be tuned via both physical and chemical processes. Some 2D layered inorganic nanomaterials like MoS<inf>2</inf>, WS<inf>2</inf> and SnS<inf>2</inf> have been recently developed and employed in various applications, including new sensors because of their layer-dependent electrical properties. This article presents a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the application of 2D layered inorganic nanomaterials as sensors. Some of the salient features of 2D materials for different sensing applications are discussed, including gas sensing, electrochemical sensing, SERS and biosensing, SERS sensing and photodetection. The working principles of the sensors are also discussed together with examples. � The Royal Society of Chemistry.
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