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Title: Enhancement of the frequency resolution of the S-transform using the fourier transform
Authors: Baghel V.
Panda G.
Mansinha L.
Tiampo K.F.
Valluri S.R.
Keywords: Fourier transform
Time series analysis
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The S-transform is a method of time-frequency analysis of a time series, essentially the Fourier spectrum as a function of time. While attractive in concept, the S-transform suffers from inherently poor frequency resolution, particularly at the high frequencies. We present here a technique (named STF) to enhance the frequency resolution through the use of the global Fourier spectrum. The scaling of the localising Gaussian window in STF is made a function of the global Fourier amplitude spectrum. Tests with several data series show better frequency resolution, with no increase in computation time or resource usage. � 2011 IEEE.
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