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Title: Interest area localization using trajectory analysis in surveillance scenes
Authors: Dogra D.P.
Ahmed A.
Bhaskar H.
Keywords: Clustering
Interest area detection
Trajectory analysis
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: 3
Abstract: In this paper, a method for detecting and localizing interest areas in a surveillance scene by analyzing the motion trajectories of multiple interacting targets, is proposed. Our method is based on a theoretical model representing the importance distribution of different areas (represented as a rectangular blocks) present in a surveillance scene. The importance of each block is modeled as a function of the total time spent by multiple targets and their relative velocity whilst passing through the blocks. Extensive experimentation and statistical validation with empirical data has shown that the proposed method follows the process of the theoretical model. The accuracy of our method in localizing interest areas has been verified and its superiority demonstrated against baseline methods using the publicly available: CAVIAR, ViSOR datasets and a scenariospecific in-house surveillance dataset.
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