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Title: The role of roller speed on solidification of Al-Mg-Si alloy during twin roll strip casting
Authors: Zuhailawati H.
Yusof M.M.
Anasyida A.S.
Almanar I.P.
Dhindaw B.K.
Keywords: Al alloy
Strip casting
Twin roll
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: In the production of aluminum alloy strips for packaging industry twin roll strip casting technique is now being extensively employed. The twin roll caster has advantage of the energy saving, low cost equipment and rapid solidification. The present research aimed to investigate the microstructure and hardness of twin roll strip cast aluminum alloys strips by varying the speed of roller cast. Al-Mg-Si ingot was melt in an induction furnace. Once it melted, the liquid was poured into a crucible attached to a twin roller cast to maintain the liquid temperature at 700�C. Molten alloy was poured in the gap between the copper rollers to produce the strips. The rotational speed of the cast rolls was varied from 60-30 rpm. During this process, the melt solidified to form strips. A specimen of 50 mm length cut from the cast strips was subjected to physical and mechanical characterization. Variation in hardness and microstructure of the produced trip were discussed. � (2015) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.
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