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Title: Model reference adaptive controller based rotor resistance estimation for vector controlled induction motor drive using artificial intelligence
Authors: Chacko S.
Bhende C.N.
Jain S.
Nema R.K.
Keywords: Indirect rotor flux oriented field control (IRFOC)
Induction motor (IM)
Integral time square error (ITSE)
Mamdani fuzzy controller
Proportional integral (PI) controller
Reactive power model reference adaptive system (RP-MRAS)
Takagi sugeno (TS) fuzzy controller
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: 4
Abstract: For high performance application in industries induction motor with indirect field oriented control is used due to its excellent dynamic behavior. However, it is sensitive to changes in rotor time constant and has to be estimated online. In this paper a scheme based on the reactive power model reference adaptive controller is designed for estimating the rotor time constant. One of the major advantages of the reactive power adaptive controller is that the rotor time constant estimation is not affected due to the change in stator resistance. The estimation requires only the measurement of motor terminal voltage and current. The effectiveness of the TS fuzzy controller as an adaptive mechanism for estimation of rotor resistance during four quadrant operation of motor drive is investigated in Matlab/Simulink environment and is compared with the conventional PI and Mamdani fuzzy controller. � 2015 Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. - All rights reserved.
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