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Title: Designing an adaptive firewall for enterprise cloud
Authors: Majhi S.K.
Bera P.
Keywords: Cloud Security
enterprise cloud
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: 1
Abstract: Cloud technology is becoming more and more popular in recent time. With the popularity of the Cloud Computing, Cloud security becomes a vital issue in the Cloud computing domain. Particularly, the new evolving threat to the enterprise cloud makes the firewall systems of enterprise cloud to slow down the operation. On the other hand, one of the central challenges to deploy, Cloud applications into the existing environment is to configure the Cloud firewalls. The state of art technology is to open the ports as many as required. Such firewall policy is so hazardous, and a more dynamic means of checking the firewall is called for. In this report, we offer a dynamic and dependable mechanism to adaptively control the firewall for enterprise cloud computing. Likewise, a conceptual design and its execution have been talked about. � 2014 IEEE.
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