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Title: VM migration auction: Business oriented federation of cloud providers for scaling of application services
Authors: Majhi S.K.
Bera P.
Keywords: Cloud Computing
Cloud Service Providers
Virtual Machine
VM migration
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: 4
Abstract: One of the key indicators of leveraging Cloud Computing is the penetration of e-business among Cloud Service Providers(CSP). The cloud computing applications are being developed across various domains to enable easy and efficient access to the data and services remotely. There is a potential for CSPs in applying e-business technologies, especially in the migration process between virtual machines (VM) running in different hosts. It is to enable efficient computing, resource sharing and to provide a real time response. There is a need to integrate an auction (bidding) in the VM migration process by applying new business models in the cloud computing marketplace to ensure competitiveness among CSPs. This paper describes an effort to establish a novel bidding process for the VM migration process in Cloud environment for e-business. The Internet-based auction process has been developed by considering English and Dutch auction. Various components for VM auction (actors, relations, VM, and business model) are presented. The suitable architecture in the VM auction service and the required tools are described. The IDEF0 model has been used for the central functionality of the broker service. In this proposed approach, the objective is to make independent CSPs function in a co-operative manner to provide uninterrupted service to the users on their interest and preference. � 2014 IEEE.
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