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Title: Facile synthesis of Ag nanowire-rGO composites and their promising field emission performance
Authors: Samantara A.K.
Mishra D.K.
Suryawanshi S.R.
More M.A.
Thapa R.
Late D.J.
Jena B.K.
Rout C.S.
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: 21
Abstract: Crystalline, ultra long silver nanowires (Ag NWs), few-layered rGO (reduced graphene oxide) and their rGO-Ag NW nanocomposite have been synthesized using a polyol reflux technique under optimized experimental conditions. The field emission performance of the rGO-Ag NW nanocomposite, rGO and Ag NW emitters was investigated. The turn on field required to draw an emission current density of ?1 ?A cm-2 was found to be ?5.00, 3.92 and 2.40 V ?m-1 for the Ag NW, rGO and rGO-Ag NW nanocomposite emitters, respectively. The combined contribution of the sharp edges of the thin graphene sheets and high aspect ratio of the Ag nanowires, and their synergetic effect in the rGO-Ag NW nanocomposite, are responsible for the enhanced field emission behavior. First-principles density functional calculations show that the enhanced field emission may also be due to the overlapping of the electronic structures of the Ag NWs and rGO nanosheets. � The Royal Society of Chemistry.
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