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Title: Influence of dynamic soil-pile raft-structure interaction: an experimental approach
Authors: Saha R.
Haldar S.
Dutta S.C.
Keywords: base shear
model test
pile head shear
piled raft foundation
soil-foundation-structure interaction
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: 5
Abstract: Traditionally seismic design of structures supported on piled raft foundation is performed by considering fixed base conditions, while the pile head is also considered to be fixed for the design of the pile foundation. Major drawback of this assumption is that it cannot capture soil-foundation-structure interaction due to flexibility of soil or the inertial interaction involving heavy foundation masses. Previous studies on this subject addressed mainly the intricacy in modelling of dynamic soil structure interaction (DSSI) but not the implication of such interaction on the distribution of forces at various elements of the pile foundation and supported structure. A recent numerical study by the authors showed significant change in response at different elements of the piled raft supported structure when DSSI effects are considered. The present study is a limited attempt in this direction, and it examines such observations through shake table tests. The effect of DSSI is examined by comparing dynamic responses from fixed base scaled down model structures and the overall systems. This study indicates the possibility of significant underestimation in design forces for both the column and pile if designed under fixed base assumption. Such underestimation in the design forces may have serious implication in the design of a foundation or structural element. � 2015, Institute of Engineering Mechanics, China Earthquake Administration and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.
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