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Title: Detection of kerosene adulteration in automobile fuel with a novel metal clad planar waveguide
Authors: Yadav G.C.
Prakash S.
Sharma G.
Kumar S.
Singh V.
Keywords: Fuel adulteration
Metal clad
Planar waveguide
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: A metal clad planar waveguide having hollow prism filled with adulterated petrol and diesel is fabricated and studied. The confinement of electromagnetic radiation in the film region of proposed structure under resonance condition is large. Observed variation in refractive index of considered automobile fuel is linear with change of percentage concentration of kerosene. Estimated sensitivity of proposed sensor is compared with fabricated sensor for both adulterated automobile fuel. The experimentally obtained maximum sensitivity 105.24 degree/RIU for adulterated petrol and 182.68 degree/RIU for diesel are in good agreement with their respective theoretically obtained maximum sensitivity 105.88 degree/RIU and 190.00 degree/RIU. Also, this study shows that the stability of present approach is high. � 2019 Elsevier Ltd
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