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Title: Design and implementation of a 2-DOF PID compensation for magnetic levitation systems
Authors: Ghosh A.
Rakesh Krishnan T.
Tejaswy P.
Mandal A.
Pradhan J.K.
Ranasingh S.
Keywords: 1-DOF PID controller
2-DOF PID controller
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: 59
Abstract: This paper employs a 2-DOF (degree of freedom) PID controller for compensating a physical magnetic levitation system. It is shown that because of having a feedforward gain in the proposed 2-DOF PID control, the transient performance of the compensated system can be changed in a desired manner unlike the conventional 1-DOF PID control. It is also shown that for a choice of PID parameters, although the theoretical loop robustness is the same for both the compensated systems, in real-time, 2-DOF PID control may provide superior robustness if a suitable choice of the feedforward parameter is made. The results are verified through simulations and experiments. � 2014 ISA.
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