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Title: Study of stand-alone microgrid under condition of faults on distribution line
Authors: Malla S.G.
Bhende C.N.
Keywords: fault studies
unbalanced load compensation
voltage control of stand-alone microgrid
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: 11
Abstract: The behavior of stand-alone microgrid is analyzed under the condition of faults on distribution feeders. During fault since battery is not able to maintain dc-link voltage within limit, the resistive dump load control is presented to do so. An inverter control is proposed to maintain balanced voltages at PCC under the unbalanced load condition and to reduce voltage unbalance factor (VUF) at load points. The proposed inverter control also has facility to protect itself from high fault current. Existing maximum power point tracker (MPPT) algorithm is modified to limit the speed of generator during fault. Extensive simulation results using MATLAB/SIMULINK established that the performance of the controllers is quite satisfactory under different fault conditions as well as unbalanced load conditions. � 2014 by De Gruyter 2014.
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