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Title: Multi-objective geometric programming problem with {small element of}-constraint method
Authors: Ojha A.K.
Biswal K.K.
Keywords: Duality theory
Fuzzy programming
Geometric programming
Pareto optimal solution
Vector minimization
{small element of}-Constraint method
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: 16
Abstract: In multi-objective geometric programming problem there are more than one objective functions. There is no single optimal solution which simultaneously optimizes all the objective functions. Under these conditions the decision makers always search for the most "preferred" solution, in contrast to the optimal solution. A few mathematical programming methods namely fuzzy programming, goal programming and weighting methods have been applied in the recent past to find the compromise solution. In this paper {small element of}-constraint method has been applied to find the non-inferior solution. A brief solution procedure of {small element of}-constraint method has been presented to find the non-inferior solution of the multi-objective programming problems. Further, the multi-objective programming problems is solved by the fuzzy programming technique to find the optimal compromise solution. Finally, two numerical examples are solved by both the methods and compared with their obtained solutions. � 2013 Elsevier Inc.
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