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Title: Adaptive distance relaying scheme for transmission network connecting wind farms
Authors: Dubey R.K.
Samantaray S.R.
Panigrahi B.K.
Keywords: adaptive relay setting
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: 9
Abstract: This article presents an adaptive distance relay setting for a power transmission network connecting more than one wind farm. The ideal trip characteristics of the distance relay is greatly affected in the presence of complex mutual coupling of transmission lines, as the apparent impedance is significantly affected. Similarly, the reach setting of the relay for the lines connecting wind farms is significantly affected, as the relaying voltage fluctuates continuously. Thus, the proposed study focuses on developing an adaptive relay setting for a transmission network including more than one wind farm and considering variations in operating conditions of wind farms and mutual coupling of transmission lines together. The proposed relay algorithm is extensively tested on two-terminal as well as multi-terminal power networks with wide variations in operating parameters. The performance testing of the proposed adaptive relay characteristics for faults and faults during power swing indicates the potential ability of the approach in handling distance relaying in a transmission system. � 2014 Copyright � Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
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