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Title: Design of an ideal grain-refiner alloy for Al-7Si alloy using artificial neural networks
Authors: Reddy N.S.
Prasada Rao A.K.
Krishnaiah J.
Chakraborty M.
Murty B.S.
Keywords: Al-7Si alloy
artificial neural networks
grain refinement
grain refiners
sensitivity analysis
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: 7
Abstract: An ideal grain refiner has been designed for Al-7Si alloy by performing sensitivity analysis of trained artificial neural network (ANN) model. An ANNs model has been developed for solving these complex grain refinement phenomena in Al-7Si alloy. The model predictions and the analysis are well in agreement with the experimental results and existing metallurgical facts. Uncertainty in predictions helped in finding a new phenomenon at lower addition levels of grain refiner. � 2012 ASM International.
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