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Title: Role of substrate bias during deposition of magnetron sputtered Ni, Ti and Ni-Ti thin films
Authors: Priyadarshini B.G.
Gupta M.K.
Ghosh S.
Chakraborty M.
Aich S.
Keywords: Amorphous
Molecular dynamics
Thin film
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: 6
Abstract: The present work aims to know how cosputtered NixTi 1-x thin films differ from pure Ni and pure Ti thin film. Ni thin films exhibited <111>. texture irrespective of substrate bias voltage, while film surface roughness as revealed by atomic force microscopy was sensitive to biasing. The negative substrate bias voltage induced a change in preferential orientation of Ti thin films. On the other hand, Ni-Ti thin films exhibited amorphous nature irrespective of substrate bias voltage. The stability of the crystal structure of pure Ni, pure Ti films and that of amorphous structure of NixTi1-x films under high ion bombardment could be predicted by classical molecular dynamics based on embedded atom method potential. � 2013 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining.
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