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Title: Dispersion characteristics of all-glass photonic crystal fibers
Authors: Gowre S.
Mahapatra S.
Varshney S.K.
Sahu P.K.
Keywords: All-glass PCF
Doping and endlessly single mode
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: 6
Abstract: In this paper, we numerically investigate all-glass photonic crystal fiber (AGPCF) structure using finite difference time domain method. The proposed PCF structure exhibit improved endlessly single-mode behavior and tunable dispersion properties. The proposed structure consists of fluorine-doped rods in the cladding region which might reduce the deformation of air-holes as in air-hole cladding PCF structures. By varying the doping concentration, the optical characteristics can be varied and makes it possible to achieve several improved PCF designs. � 2012 Elsevier GmbH.
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