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Title: Studies on NOx removal from diesel engine exhaust using duct type DBD reactor
Authors: Mohapatro S.
Rajanikanth B.S.
Keywords: axial flow
cross flow
Electric Discharge
filtered exhaust
NO x removal
non-thermal plasma
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: 1
Abstract: With ever more stringent NOx emissions, it is necessary to examine removal of nitrogen oxide removal from diesel engine exhaust. This paper describes the study of NOx reduction from 5.9 kW stationary diesel engine exhaust under nanosecond pulse energization. Two plasma reactors characterized by dielectric barrier discharge has been designed, built and evaluated. One of the reactor design include nine numbers of electrodes kept in parallel, and the exhaust was allowed to pass axially whereas the second reactor consists of nine parallel electrodes and the exhaust was allowed to pass radially. The reactors were tested individually for the treatment of nitrogen oxides for gas flow rate of 2 l/min, 5 l/min and 10 l/min. Both the reactors have been tested individually and results shows appreciable removal of NO x with equal corona volume. � 2013 IEEE.
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