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Title: Power quality conditioner for microgrid
Authors: Bhende C.N.
Kalam A.
Keywords: Microgrid
non-linear and unbalanced load compensation
PQ conditioner
reactive power compensation
Issue Date: 2013
Citation: 2
Abstract: In this paper, a power quality (PQ) conditioner for microgrid is presented. The main inverter which is associated with distribution generation (DG) and distribution static shunt compensator (DSTATCOM) connected at point of common coupling (PCC) form a PQ conditioner. PQ conditioner of microgrid may be referred as Microgrid Power Quality Conditioner (MPQC). The unbalanced and non-linear load of microgrid is responsible for the flow of unwanted currents through transmission line between microgrid and grid. Hence, the aim of MPQC is to eliminate harmonics from line currents and make them balanced. For this purpose, novel control strategies for MPQC are proposed. Moreover, DSTATCOM supplies the reactive power required by the load locally and hence, neither inverter nor grid supplies the reactive power. Extensive simulation results using MATLAB/SIMULINK established that the performance of the controllers is quite satisfactory for the elimination of PQ problems. � 2013 Australasian Committee for Power Engineering (ACPE).
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