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Title: Measurement of time-dependent CP violation in B0 ? KS0 ?0?0 decays
Authors: Yusa Y.
Aihara H.
Al Said S.
Asner D.M.
Atmacan H.
Aulchenko V.
Aushev T.
Ayad R.
Babu V.
Badhrees I.
Bahinipati S.
Bakich A.M.
Bansal V.
Behera P.
Bhardwaj V.
Bhuyan B.
Biswal J.
Bozek A.
Bra?ko M.
Browder T.E.
Cao L.
?ervenkov D.
Chekelian V.
Chen A.
Cheon B.G.
Chilikin K.
Choi S.-K.
Choi Y.
Cinabro D.
Cunliffe S.
Dash N.
Di Carlo S.
Dong T.V.
Dr�sal Z.
Eidelman S.
Epifanov D.
Fast J.E.
Fulsom B.G.
Garg R.
Gaur V.
Garmash A.
Giri A.
Goldenzweig P.
Golob B.
Guan Y.
Haba J.
Hayasaka K.
Hayashii H.
Hirose S.
Inami K.
Inguglia G.
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Jacobs W.W.
Jia S.
Jin Y.
Joo K.K.
Kang K.H.
Kawasaki T.
Kiesling C.
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Kim K.T.
Kim S.H.
Kinoshita K.
Kody� P.
Korpar S.
Kotchetkov D.
Kri�an P.
Kroeger R.
Kuhr T.
Kumar R.
Kwon Y.-J.
Lange J.S.
Lee I.S.
Lee S.C.
Li L.K.
Li Y.B.
Li Gioi L.
Libby J.
Liventsev D.
Lubej M.
Luo T.
Masuda M.
Matsuda T.
Merola M.
Miyabayashi K.
Miyata H.
Mizuk R.
Mohanty G.B.
Moon H.K.
Nakano E.
Nakao M.
Nanut T.
Nath K.J.
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Paul S.
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Sakai Y.
Sandilya S.
Sanuki T.
Savinov V.
Schneider O.
Schnell G.
Schwanda C.
Schwartz A.J.
Seino Y.
Senyo K.
Seon O.
Sevior M.E.
Shen C.P.
Shibata T.-A.
Shiu J.-G.
Stari? M.
Sumihama M.
Sumiyoshi T.
Takizawa M.
Tamponi U.
Tanida K.
Tenchini F.
Uchida M.
Uglov T.
Unno Y.
Uno S.
Ushiroda Y.
Usov Y.
Van Hulse C.
Van Tonder R.
Varner G.
Varvell K.E.
Vorobyev V.
Vossen A.
Waheed E.
Wang B.
Wang C.H.
Wang M.-Z.
Wang P.
Won E.
Ye H.
Yin J.H.
Zhang Z.P.
Zhilich V.
Zhulanov V.
Belle Collaboration
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: We report a measurement of time-dependent CP violation in B0?KS0?0?0 decays using a data sample of 772�106 BB pairs collected by the Belle experiment running at the ?(4S) resonance at the KEKB e+e- collider. This decay proceeds mainly via a b?sdd "penguin" amplitude. The results are sin2?1eff=0.92-0.31+0.27 (stat.) �0.11 (syst.) and A=0.28�0.21 (stat.) �0.04 (syst.), which are the most precise measurements of CP violation in this decay mode to date. The value for the CP-violating parameter sin2?1eff is consistent with that obtained using decay modes proceeding via a b?ccs "tree" amplitude. � 2019 authors. Published by the American Physical Society. Published by the American Physical Society under the terms of the �� Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. Further distribution of this work must maintain attribution to the author(s) and the published article's title, journal citation, and DOI. Funded by SCOAP3.
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