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Title: Synthesis of a 3D free standing crystalline NiSeX matrix for electrochemical energy storage applications
Authors: Dinara S.M.
Samantara A.K.
Das J.K.
Behera J.N.
Nayak S.K.
Late D.J.
Rout C.S.
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: 1
Abstract: The electrochemical performance for energy storage of three-dimensional (3D) self-supported heterogeneous NiSex cubic-orthorhombic nanocrystals grown by a facile one-step chemical vapour deposition (CVD) approach on Ni foam substrates has been explored. NiSex shows a high specific capacitance of 1333 F g-1 with ultra-high energy (105 W h kg-1) and power (54 kW kg-1) densities. Furthermore, by integrating the as-grown NiSex as the anode and reduced graphene oxide as the cathode, a hybrid supercapacitor (HSC) prototype with a coin cell configuration has been fabricated. The device shows better capacitance (40 F g-1) with high energy (22 W h kg-1) and power (5.8 kW kg-1) densities and robust cycling durability (?88% capacitance retention after 10000 repeated cycles). For practical reliability of the as-fabricated HSC, a red LED has been illuminated by connecting it with two charged coin cells. These outstanding performances of the HSC prove to be promising for applications in high energy storage systems. � 2019 The Royal Society of Chemistry.
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