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Title: Some investigations on friction stir processed zone of AZ91 alloy
Authors: Arora H.S.
Singh H.
Dhindaw B.K.
Grewal H.S.
Keywords: Friction stir processing
Hybrid nanocomposite
Magnesium alloy
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: 5
Abstract: In this study, AZ91 based hybrid nanocomposite was fabricated using mixture of TiC and alumina by friction stir processing (FSP). FSP of AZ91 was conducted with as well as without particle addition and under different cooling conditions. Distribution of nano TiC and Al2O3 particles in the Mg matrix was studied using SEM. Grain size analysis of the as-cast and FSP AZ91/(TiC +Al2O3) composite was done using optical microscopy. The performance of the fabricated nanocomposite was investigated using microhardness, bulk hardness and scratch tests. Microhardness testing was done at 50 gf load and bulk hardness at 5 Kgf load. Scratch test was performed at 2 and 5 N normal load values on a universal tribometer using Rockwell indentor. AZ91/(TiC+Al2O3) composite exhibited improved mechanical properties.
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