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Title: Water soluble Eu(III) complexes of macrocyclic triamide ligands: Structure, stability, luminescence and redox properties
Authors: Pradhan R.N.
Hossain S.M.
Lakma A.
Stojkov D.D.
Verbi? T.�.
Angelovski G.
Pujales-Paradela R.
Platas-Iglesias C.
Singh A.K.
Keywords: DFT calculation
Eu(III) macrocyclic complexes
pKa & stability constant
Redox properties
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: 4
Abstract: Two macrocyclic triamide octadentate chelator scaffolds L1 and L2 were synthesized, characterized by several spectroscopic techniques, and their pKa values were determined by potentiometric titration. Using these ligands, two water soluble paramagnetic Eu(III) complexes, [EuL1(OH2)](NO3)3�H2O (EuL1) and [EuL2(OH2)](NO3)3�H2O (EuL2) were synthesized and characterized in the solid state and in solution. Single crystal X ray diffraction measurement of [EuL1(OH2)](NO3)3.H2O (EuL1) reveals octadentate binding of the ligand to Eu(III) and ninth coordination being completed by an oxygen atom of a solvent molecule (H2O). X-ray diffraction data of [EuL2(OH2)](NO3)3�H2O (EuL2) were severely disordered and hence its chloride analogue [EuL2(DMF)]Cl3�H2OMeOH (EuL2-Cl) was synthesized and characterized using single-crystal X-ray diffraction measurements. The crystal data of [EuL2(DMF)](Cl)3�H2OMeOH (EuL2-Cl) reveal octadentate binding of the ligand to Eu(III), with the ninth coordination being completed by an oxygen atom of a solvent molecule (DMF). Luminescence measurements confirm the presence of a water molecule coordinated to Eu(III) in aqueous solution. The stability of the Eu(III) complexes was investigated using spectrophotometric molar ratio method. Cyclic voltammetry studies obtained from aqueous solutions of the Eu(III) complexes show reversible one electron reduction processes at the glassy carbon electrode with E1/2 = ?0.799 V and ?0.777 V (versus Ag/AgCl) for the complexes of L1 and L2. � 2018 Elsevier B.V.
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