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Title: Validation of multi-scale ultra-high resolution (MuR) sea surface temperature with coastal buoys observations and applications for coastal fronts in the Bay of Bengal
Authors: Abhishek P.
Sil S.
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: The high-resolution sea surface temperature (SST) is very useful for its coverage near to coast to study the fine scale processes and its impact on multi-scale atmospheric process. The work presents the validation of Multiscale Ultra High Resolution (MUR) SST products with three coastal buoy and three open ocean buoy observations in the Bay of Bengal (BoB). The comparisons show the correlation coefficient (R) more than 0.80 with coastal buoys and root mean square error (RMSE) less than 0.1!. In the open ocean, the value of R is higher and RMSE is lesser compared to the coastal observation. This is first of kind validation of the SST data with coastal buoys. The results provided the usefulness of the MUR SST in the BoB region. The front detection method is applied on December SST. A strong SST gradient of value 0.1 !. "#$% is observed in the head and western BoB. We conclude that the MUR SST is good in quality in the coastal and open ocean to study the small scale feature in the BoB. � 2019 URSI. All rights reserved.
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