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Title: A note on circular geodesics and phase transitions of black holes
Authors: Bhamidipati C.
Mohapatra S.
Keywords: Black holes in a box
Charged black holes in AdS
Circular geodesics
Phase transitions
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: 1
Abstract: The circular motion of charged test particles in the gravitational field of a Reissner-Nordstr�m black hole in Anti de Sitter space-time is investigated, using a set of independent parameters, such as charge Q, mass M and cosmological constant ?=?3/l 2 of the space-time, and charge to mass ratio ?=q/? of the test particles. Classification of different spatial regions where circular motion is allowed, is presented, showing in particular, the presence of orbits at special limiting values, M=4/6Q and l=6Q. Thermodynamically, these values are known to occur when the black hole is on the verge of a second order phase transition, there by, giving an interesting connection between thermodynamics and geodesics of black holes. We also comment on the possibility of such a connection for black holes in flat spacetime in a box. � 2019 The Author(s)
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