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Title: Switched capacitor based high gain DC-DC converter topology for multiple voltage conversion ratios with reduced output impedance
Authors: Priyadarshi A.
Kar P.K.
Karanki S.B.
Keywords: Bidirectional
High gain dc-dc converter
Switched capacitor (SC) circuits
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: This paper presents a switched capacitor (SC) based bidirectional dc-dc converter topology for high voltage gain applications. The proposed converter is able to operate with multiple integral voltage conversion ratios based on user input. The architecture of a user-friendly, inductor-less multi-voltage-gain bidirectional dc-dc converter is proposed in this study. The inductor-less or magnetic-less design of the proposed converter makes it effective in higher temperature applications. Furthermore, the proposed converter has a reduced component count and lower voltage stress across its switches and capacitors when compared to existing SC converters. An output impedance analysis of the proposed converter is presented and compared with popular existing SC converters. The proposed converter is simulated in the OrCAD PSpice environment and the obtained results are presented. A 200 W hardware prototype of the proposed SC converter has been developed. Experimental results are presented to validate the efficacy of the proposed converter. � 2019 KIPE.
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