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Title: A scalable attribute based encryption for secure data storage and access in cloud
Authors: Sethi K.
Pradhan A.
Punith R.
Bera P.
Keywords: Access Control
Access Policy
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Today a large volume of data is stored in cloud that requires fine grained accessibility for heterogeneous users. Cipher-text policy attribute based encryption (CP-ABE) has evolved into a promising solution for secure data storage with fine grained access control. In CP-ABE, the ciphertext is associated with an access policy (set of rules) and users can access the data if their attributes satisfies the access policy. However, existing CP-ABE schemes fail to perform in presence of large number of users and hierarchical relationships among them. Moreover, a majority of the CP-ABE schemes require large computational overhead for light weight applications. In this paper, we present a hierarchical attribute based cryptosystem by introducing hierarchical dependency between the users and thereby achieving multi-layer verification for fine grained data access. Moreover, our proposed cryptosystem is seamless to user revocation. The efficiency and security of our proposed cryptosystem have been analyzed and reported. Further we implement the proposed cryptosystem in Charm to demonstrate its practicality. � 2019 IEEE.
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