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Title: First measurement of the CKM angle ? 3 withS B � ? D(KS0 ? + ? ? ? 0) K � decays
Authors: Resmi P.K.
Libby J.
Trabelsi K.
Adachi I.
Aihara H.
Al Said S.
Asner D.M.
Aulchenko V.
Aushev T.
Babu V.
Badhrees I.
Bakich A.M.
Bele�o C.
Bennett J.
Bhardwaj V.
Bhuyan B.
Bilka T.
Biswal J.
Bozek A.
Bra?ko M.
Campajola M.
?ervenkov D.
Chen A.
Cheon B.G.
Cho H.E.
Cho K.
Choi Y.
Choudhury S.
Cinabro D.
Cunliffe S.
Dash N.
De Nardo G.
Di Capua F.
Di Carlo S.
Dole�al Z.
Dong T.V.
Eidelman S.
Epifanov D.
Fast J.E.
Ferber T.
Fulsom B.G.
Garg R.
Gaur V.
Gabyshev N.
Garmash A.
Giri A.
Goldenzweig P.
Golob B.
Guan Y.
Hayasaka K.
Hayashii H.
Hou W.-S.
Huang K.
Iijima T.
Inami K.
Inguglia G.
Ishikawa A.
Itoh R.
Iwasaki M.
Iwasaki Y.
Jacobs W.W.
Jeon H.B.
Jin Y.
Joffe D.
Kaliyar A.B.
Kang K.H.
Karyan G.
Kawasaki T.
Kiesling C.
Kim D.Y.
Kim K.T.
Kim S.H.
Kinoshita K.
Kody� P.
Kotchetkov D.
Kr?zan P.
Kroeger R.
Krokovny P.
Kuhr T.
Kumar R.
Kuzmin A.
Kwon Y.-J.
Lee S.C.
Li Y.B.
Lieret K.
Liventsev D.
Lu P.-C.
Luo T.
MacQueen C.
Masuda M.
Matsuda T.
Matvienko D.
Merola M.
Miyabayashi K.
Mizuk R.
Mohanty G.B.
Moon H.K.
Nakano T.
Nakao M.
Nath K.J.
Nayak M.
Niiyama M.
Nisar N.K.
Nishida S.
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Ogawa S.
Ono H.
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Piilonen L.E.
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Prim M.T.
Ritter M.
R�hrken M.
Russo G.
Sahoo D.
Sakai Y.
Sandilya S.
Santelj L.
Sanuki T.
Savinov V.
Schneider O.
Schnell G.
Schwanda C.
Schwartz A.J.
Seino Y.
Senyo K.
Sevior M.E.
Shebalin V.
Shen C.P.
Shiu J.-G.
Shwartz B.
Solovieva E.
Stari? M.
Stottler Z.S.
Strube J.F.
Sumiyoshi T.
Takizawa M.
Tamponi U.
Tanida K.
Tenchini F.
Uchida M.
Uglov T.
Uno S.
Usov Y.
Van Tonder R.
Varner G.
Vinokurova A.
Vorobyev V.
Vossen A.
Wang B.
Wang C.H.
Wang M.-Z.
Wang X.L.
Watanuki S.
Won E.
Yang S.B.
Ye H.
Zhang Z.P.
Zhilich V.
Zhukova V.
The BELLE collaboration
Keywords: B physics
CKM angle gamma
CP violation
e+-e- Experiments
Flavor physics
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: We present the first model-independent measurement of the CKM unitarity triangle angle ?3 using B�? D(KS0?+???0) K� decays, where D indicates either a D0 or D� 0 meson. Measurements of the strong-phase difference of the D ?KS0?+???0 amplitude obtained from CLEO-c data are used as input. This analysis is based on the full Belle data set of 772 � 106BB� events collected at the ?(4S) resonance. We obtain ?3 = (5.7?8.8+10.2�3.5�5.7)� and the suppressed amplitude ratio rB = 0.323�0.147�0.023�0.051. Here the first uncertainty is statistical, the second is the experimental systematic, and the third is due to the precision of the strong-phase parameters measured from CLEO-c data. The 95% confidence interval on ?3 is (?29.7, 109.5)�, which is consistent with the current world average. [Figure not available: see fulltext.] � 2019, The Author(s).
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