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Title: A new approach for SDN performance enhancement
Authors: Priyadarsini M.
Bera P.
Keywords: Beacon
Inter communication
Packet scheduler
Software defined network (SDN)
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: 3
Abstract: Traditional networks are incapable of reconfiguration to serve heterogeneous traffic and are potentially error-prone. Software Defined Network (SDN) has evolved as an assuring solution to serve a good deal of heterogeneous traffic with varying requirements. The basis of SDN lies on separation of dataplane from the control programs providing flexibility to reconfigure the controller with change in network demands such as varying throughput, response time. On the other hand, it also introduces certain challenges towards scalability and performance, security hardening, cross-layer communication. This work presents an efficient traffic scheduling architecture for SDN controllers. The basis of the scheduling architecture is driven by simulation based performance analysis of different state-of-art controllers. Our scheduling algorithm is designed over NOX, POX, Beacon and FloodLight controllers based on their response to different traffic. The scheduling decisions are taken after checking the contextual information from the OpenFlow packet header and the existing traffic load on the controller. The proposed solution can be realized in the hypervisor which can effectively schedule the traffic to different controllers. On the other hand, we have also used multi-threaded execution of network functions in the controllers that provides significant enhancement in response time. The efficacy of our proposed packet scheduler is reported with experimental results that justify the effective inter-controller communication among various SDN domains. � Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature 2018.
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