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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Prediction of rapid intensification of tropical cyclone Phailin over the Bay of Bengal using the HWRF modelling systemOsuri K.K.; Nadimpalli R.; Mohanty U.C.; Niyogi D.
2017Observational perspective of SST changes during life cycle of tropical cyclones over Bay of BengalPothapakula P.K.; Osuri K.K.; Pattanayak S.; Mohanty U.C.; Sil S.; Nadimpalli R.
2017An assessment of TropFlux and NCEP air-sea fluxes on ROMS simulations over the Bay of Bengal regionDey D.; Sil S.; Jana S.; Pramanik S.; Pandey P.C.
2018On extracting high-frequency tidal variability from HF radar data in the northwestern Bay of BengalMandal S.; Sil S.; Gangopadhyay A.; Murty T.; Swain D.
2018Upper Ocean and Subsurface Variability in the Bay of Bengal During Cyclone ROANU: A Synergistic View Using In Situ and Satellite ObservationsMandal S.; Sil S.; Shee A.; Venkatesan R.
2018Effect of Cyclone Thane in the Bay of Bengal Explored Using Moored Buoy Observations and Multi-platform Satellite DataChacko N.; Zimik L.
2018Development of extended WRF variational data assimilation system (WRFDA) for WRF non-hydrostatic mesoscale modelPattanayak S.; Mohanty U.C.
2018Sensitivity of the Bay of Bengal upper ocean to different winds and river input conditionsJana S.; Gangopadhyay A.; Lermusiaux P.F.J.; Chakraborty A.; Sil S.; Haley P.J.; Jr.
2018Effect of cyclone thane in the bay of bengal explored using moored buoy observations and multi-platform satellite dataChacko N.; Zimik L.
2019Seasonal Evolution of Oceanic Upper Layer Processes in the Northern Bay of Bengal Following a Single Argo FloatShee A.; Sil S.; Gangopadhyay A.; Gawarkiewicz G.; Ravichandran M.