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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Comparative evaluation of methanogenesis suppression methods in microbial fuel cell during rice mill wastewater treatmentRaychaudhuri A.; Behera M.
2020Performance Studies of 10 Metaheuristic Techniques in Determination of Damages for Large-Scale Spatial Trusses from Changes in Vibration ResponsesMishra M.; Barman S.K.; Maity D.; Maiti D.K.
2020Multi-objective Jaya Algorithm for Solving Constrained Multi-objective Optimization ProblemsRamu Naidu Y.; Ojha A.K.; Susheela Devi V.
2020A wide load range ZVS high voltage gain hybrid DC-DC boost converter based on diode-capacitor voltage multiplier circuitPriyadarshi A.; Kar P.K.; Karanki S.B.
2020Corrosion behavior of heat-treated and cryorolled Al 5052 alloys in different chloride ion concentrationsAbu Seman A.; Chan J.K.; Norazman M.A.; Hussain Z.; Brij D.; Ismail A.
2020On the nature of tidal asymmetry in the Gulf of Khambhat, Arabian Sea using HF radar surface currentsMandal S.; Sil S.; Gangopadhyay A.; Jena B.K.; Venkatesan R.
2020Fatigue Characteristics of Cement-Stabilized Granular Lateritic SoilsBiswal D.R.; Sahoo U.C.; Dash S.R.
2020Neutralization of Red Mud with Organic Acids and Assessment of Their Usefulness in Abating pH ReboundMishra M.C.; Rao B.H.
2020M-ary phase-shift keying-based single-input-multiple-output free space optical communication system with pointing errors over a gamma�gamma fading channelMalik S.; Sahu P.K.
2020Tide-current-eddy interaction: A seasonal study using high frequency radar observations along the western Bay of Bengal near 16�NMandal S.; Sil S.; Gangopadhyay A.