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Title: Study of KS0 pair production in single-tag two-photon collisions
Authors: Masuda M.
Uehara S.
Watanabe Y.
Adachi I.
Ahn J.K.
Aihara H.
Al Said S.
Asner D.M.
Atmacan H.
Aulchenko V.
Aushev T.
Ayad R.
Babu V.
Badhrees I.
Bansal V.
Behera P.
Berger M.
Bhardwaj V.
Bhuyan B.
Biswal J.
Bondar A.
Bonvicini G.
Bozek A.
Bra?ko M.
?ervenkov D.
Chen A.
Cheon B.G.
Chilikin K.
Cho K.
Choi Y.
Choudhury S.
Cinabro D.
Czank T.
Dash N.
Di Carlo S.
Dole�al Z.
Dr�sal Z.
Dutta D.
Eidelman S.
Epifanov D.
Fast J.E.
Ferber T.
Fulsom B.G.
Garg R.
Gaur V.
Gabyshev N.
Garmash A.
Gelb M.
Giri A.
Goldenzweig P.
Guido E.
Haba J.
Hayasaka K.
Hayashii H.
Hedges M.T.
Hou W.-S.
Iijima T.
Inami K.
Inguglia G.
Ishikawa A.
Itoh R.
Iwasaki M.
Iwasaki Y.
Jacobs W.W.
Jaegle I.
Jin Y.
Joo K.K.
Julius T.
Kang K.H.
Karyan G.
Kawasaki T.
Kichimi H.
Kiesling C.
Kim D.Y.
Kim H.J.
Kim J.B.
Kim K.T.
Kim S.H.
Kody� P.
Kotchetkov D.
Kri�an P.
Kroeger R.
Krokovny P.
Kulasiri R.
Kuzmin A.
Kwon Y.-J.
Lee I.S.
Lee S.C.
Li L.K.
Li Y.
Li Gioi L.
Libby J.
Liventsev D.
Lubej M.
Luo T.
Matsuda T.
Matvienko D.
Merola M.
Miyabayashi K.
Miyata H.
Mizuk R.
Mohanty G.B.
Moon H.K.
Mori T.
Mussa R.
Nakao M.
Nakazawa H.
Nanut T.
Nath K.J.
Natkaniec Z.
Nayak M.
Niiyama M.
Nisar N.K.
Nishida S.
Ogawa S.
Okuno S.
Ono H.
Onuki Y.
Pakhlov P.
Pakhlova G.
Pal B.
Park H.
Paul S.
Pedlar T.K.
Pestotnik R.
Piilonen L.E.
Ritter M.
Rostomyan A.
Russo G.
Sakai Y.
Salehi M.
Sandilya S.
Santelj L.
Sanuki T.
Savinov V.
Schneider O.
Schnell G.
Schwanda C.
Seidl R.
Seino Y.
Senyo K.
Seon O.
Sevior M.E.
Shebalin V.
Shen C.P.
Shibata T.-A.
Shimizu N.
Shiu J.-G.
Shwartz B.
Sokolov A.
Solovieva E.
Stari? M.
Strube J.F.
Sumihama M.
Sumiyoshi T.
Takizawa M.
Tamponi U.
Tanida K.
Tenchini F.
Teramoto Y.
Uchida M.
Uglov T.
Unno Y.
Uno S.
Urquijo P.
Van Hulse C.
Varner G.
Vinokurova A.
Vorobyev V.
Vossen A.
Wang B.
Wang C.H.
Wang M.-Z.
Wang P.
Wang X.L.
Watanabe M.
Widmann E.
Won E.
Ye H.
Yuan C.Z.
Yusa Y.
Zakharov S.
Zhang Z.P.
Zhilich V.
Zhukova V.
Zhulanov V.
Zupanc A.
(Belle Collaboration)
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: 1
Abstract: We report a measurement of the cross section for KS0 pair production in single-tag two-photon collisions, ????KS0KS0, for Q2 up to 30 GeV2, where Q2 is the negative of the invariant mass squared of the tagged photon. The measurement covers the kinematic range 1.0 GeV<W<2.6 GeV and |cos??|<1.0 for the total energy and kaon scattering angle, respectively, in the ??? center-of-mass system. These results are based on a data sample of 759 fb-1 collected with the Belle detector at the KEKB asymmetric-energy e+e- collider. For the first time, the transition form factor of the f2?(1525) meson is measured separately for the helicity-0, -1, and -2 components and also compared with theoretical calculations. We have derived the cross section for the process for W<2.6 GeV from 121 signal candidate events. Finally, the ??? partial decay widths of the ?c0 and ?c2 mesons are measured as a function of Q2 based on 10 candidate events in total. � 2018 authors.
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