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Title: A comparative study of transverse shrinkage stresses and residual stresses in P91 welded pipe including plasticity error
Authors: Pandey C.
Mahapatra M.M.
Kumar P.
Keywords: GTAW
Residual stresses
Shrinkage stresses
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: 6
Abstract: The paper deals with the measurement of the residual stresses in P91 welded pipe using the blind hole drilling technique. The P91 pipe weld joints were prepared using gas tungsten arc welding process. The residual stress measurement was carried out using the strain gauge rosette that was associated with the plastic deformation of material and stress concentration effect of multi-point cutting tool. Strain gauge response was estimated experimentally using the tensile testing for the uniaxial loading while finite element analysis was performed for biaxial loading. Gas tungsten arc welds joint was prepared for conventional V-groove and narrow groove design. The corrective formulation was developed for calculating the corrected value of residual stresses from the experimentally obtained strain value. The corrected and experimental induced residual stresses values as per ASTM E837-13 were calculated for both V-groove and narrow groove design. Post weld heat treatment (PWHT) of P91 welded pipe was also conducted to study their effect on residual stresses. � 2018 Politechnika Wroc?awska
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