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Title: Role of Bacillus cereus GS-5 strain on simultaneous nitrogen and phosphorous removal from domestic wastewater in an inventive single unit multi-layer packed bed bioreactor
Authors: Rout P.R.
Dash R.R.
Bhunia P.
Rao S.
Keywords: Aerobic denitrification
Bacillus cereus GS-5
Denitrifying phosphate removal
Heterotrophic nitrification
Single unit packed bed bioreactor
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: 5
Abstract: This work evaluates the performance efficiency of a newly developed single unit packed bed bioreactor for nutrient removal from domestic wastewater. The packing materials, including dolochar, and a mixture of waste organic solid substance, were immobilized with a simultaneous nitrifying, denitrifying and phosphate removing bacterial strain, Bacillus cereus GS-5 and packed in the bioreactor alternatively in multiple layers. The bioreactor was operated continuously for a period of 70 days using both synthetic and real domestic wastewater (NH4 +-N 30-100 mg/L, NO3 ?-N 10-100 mg/L, PO4 3?-P 5-20 mg/L and COD 250-1000 mg/L). The innovative single unit bioreactor exhibited simultaneous removal of NH4 +-N (87.1-93.1%), NO3 ?-N (69.4-88.4%), PO4 3?-P (84-100%), and even COD (69.8-92.1%), in a remarkable disparity to traditional distinct aerobic-anaerobic treatment systems. This work advocated for a promising and feasible application prospect of the developed single unit packed bed bioreactor in domestic wastewater treatment emphasizing on nutrient removal. � 2018 Elsevier Ltd
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