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Title: AOMH-MISO Based PV-VCI Irrigation System Using ASCIM Pump
Authors: Tomar A.
Mishra S.
Bhende C.N.
Keywords: Field-oriented control (FOC)
multi-input DC-DC converter
photovoltaic (PV) module summation
quadrupler (QDPR)
single ended primary inductor converter (SEPIC)
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: This paper presents a step in microlevel photovoltaic (PV) summation technology for combining unsymmetrical PV modules with differences in specification and age, relocation on nonfertile land, or multilocation mounting by designing an add-on modular hardware interface to a multi-input single-output (MISO) dc bus, using an MISO controller employing a suitable maximum power point (MPP) tracker under partial shading/long distance/mismatching PV module conditions along with a sensor-less PV vector control inverter (PV-VCI) driving a three-phase asynchronous squirrel cage induction motor dedicated to irrigation, with the facility of autoconfiguration/autotuning at the beginning. A PV source gets automatically added/removed in a ramp profile in proportion to the load in steps, thus keeping on only when required, enabling high efficiency, minimum heating, and prolonged life as that of a PV module. The contribution includes a reduced PV energy cost per watt by 24.10%, improved return on investment by 27.48%, improved water discharge yield by 11.06%, and improved MPP tracker impact by 14.59% with 90.88% MISO system efficiency compared to a normal scheme. � 1972-2012 IEEE.
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