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Title: Acoustically tunable photonic band gap generation in MgO doped Lithium Niobate micro-dimension plate
Authors: Prakash S.
Sharma G.
Chand Yadav G.
Singh V.
Keywords: Lamb wave
MgO doped LiNbO3
Refractive index contrast
Tunable photonic band gap
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Refractive index contrast generation in MgO doped LiNbO3 plate via Lamb wave perturbation for induction of acoustically tunable photonic band gap is theoretically studied. Fundamental symmetric Lamb mode is excited in micro dimension thin plate structure to produce symmetric disturbance for periodic contraction and rarefaction along the length of plate. Effect of contraction and rarefaction on production of refractive index contrast is studied using photo�elastic effect. The generated quasi static low�high optical index region in plate modifies electromagnetic wave propagation and provides photonic band gaps, which are investigated using Bloch's theorem and transfer matrix method. The induced photonic band gap shows great dependency on optical contrast and unit cell dimension created by acoustic frequencies. These acoustically tunable photonic band gaps have rewarding applications in acousto optical devices, laser and sophisticated sensing. � 2018 Elsevier Ltd
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