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Title: Performance Analysis of Generalized Modulation Schemes over ?-? And ?-? Fading Channel
Authors: Biswal G.
Rout S.K.
Sahu H.K.
Keywords: >?-? fading channel
Performance analysis
?-? fading channel
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: In this paper, we have derived Average Bit Error Rate ABER expression in a closed form for different modulation schemes in a generalized form over ?-? and ?-? fading channel. The rayleigh model, Nakagami-m model and Rician distribution models are special cases of ?-? and ?-? fading channel model. The ?-? and ?-? models are suitable for Line of sightLOS and non-line of sightNLOS propagation respectively. The derived expression is applicable for different coherent modulation of any order. The dependency of derived expression on the modulation order and the fading model parameters are validated by the numerical results. A comparison between the results obtained numerically and from Monte-Carlo simulation has been carried out for validating the accuracy of mathematical analysis. The results obtained can be useful for designing wireless system for next generation 5G mobile services. � 2018 IEEE.
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