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Title: Brillouin distributed temperature sensor using optical time domain reflectometry techniques
Authors: Pradhan H.S.
Sahu P.K.
Ghosh D.
Mahapatra S.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: This paper presents the performance improvement of Brillouin distributed temperature sensor (BDTS) using deconvolution algorithm. We have analysed three different OTDR techniques in terms of spatial resolution improvement using Fourier regularized deconvolution (FourRD) algorithm. The effects of coherent Rayleigh noise (CRN) on temperature and spatial resolution of the above system are being investigated. In this paper, using a light source of power 10 mW and 400 ns pulse widths; a spatial resolution of 25 and 20 m is observed for a pseudorandom coded BOTDR in the presence and absence of CRN respectively. Similarly, in case of conventional BOTDR and coherent BOTDR system in the presence of CRN, the spatial resolutions observed are 40 and 35 m respectively. Numerical simulation results indicate that the pseudorandom coded BOTDR is a better candidate for design of BDTS in terms of spatial resolution as compared to the other two schemes as discussed above. � Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2017.
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