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Title: Erosion Response of Thixoformed A356-5TiB2in situ Composite Using Taguchi's Experimental Design
Authors: Kumar S.D.
Vundavilli P.R.
Mandal A.
Mantry S.
Chakraborty M.
Keywords: A356-TiB2in situ composites
Taguchi method
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: 2
Abstract: The present article describes the application of Taguchi's experimental design methodology to investigate the erosion wear behavior of in situ-formed A356-5TiB2composite subjected to thixoforming. The effects of process parameters�such as impact velocity, erodent temperature, erodent size, standoff distance, and impingement angle�on the erosion rate have been analyzed. The results indicated that impact velocity is the most significant factor and accounts for 42.31% of the total effect on the erosion rate of the thixoformed A356-5TiB2composite. It is found that material loss during erosive wear is primarily due to microploughing (i.e., abrasive type) and microfracture (i.e., impact type). The erosion rate of thixoformed A356-5TiB2in situ composite was found to be 48.82�mg/kg, which is nearly 44% lower than that of as-cast alloy. � 2016 Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers.
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