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Title: Loss and cost evaluation of typical DC distribution for residential house
Authors: Sahoo N.C.
Mohapatro S.
Sahu A.K.
Mohapatro B.S.
Keywords: DC house
Loss and cost evaluation
Low voltage DC distribution
PV based AC system
PV based DC system
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: 3
Abstract: This paper demonstrates a prototype of DC electrified house and can be implemented for rural electrifications. More specifically, this paper focuses on the development and construction of an efficient DC powered house by economising the losses in the conductor, cable length and total cost of the system. Also to verify that both the cost and losses can be minimised in solar power DC system with respect to conventional type solar powered AC system. In this present work, simulation and hardware implementation are done for both AC and DC powered houses. The results of this project serve as a proof that, the solar powered DC electrification is economically feasible compared to the conventional solar powered AC houses. � 2016 IEEE.
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