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Title: Enhanced Nonenzymatic Glucose-Sensing Properties of Electrodeposited NiCo2O4-Pd Nanosheets: Experimental and DFT Investigations
Authors: Naik K.K.
Gangan A.
Chakraborty B.
Nayak S.K.
Rout C.S.
Keywords: biosensor
computational study
glucose sensor
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: 28
Abstract: Here, we report the facile synthesis of NiCo2O4 (NCO) and NiCo2O4-Pd (NCO-Pd) nanosheets by the electrodeposition method. We observed enhanced glucose-sensing performance of NCO-Pd nanosheets as compared to bare NCO nanosheets. The sensitivity of the pure NCO nanosheets is 27.5 ?A ?M-1 cm-2, whereas NCO-Pd nanosheets exhibit sensitivity of 40.03 ?A ?M-1 cm-2. Density functional theory simulations have been performed to qualitatively support our experimental observations by investigating the interactions and charge-transfer mechanism of glucose on NiCo2O4 and Pd-doped NiCo2O4 through demonstration of partial density of states and charge density distributions. The presence of occupied and unoccupied density of states near the Fermi level implies that both Ni and Co ions in NiCo2O4 can act as communicating media to transfer the charge from glucose by participating in the redox reactions. The higher binding energy of glucose and more charge transfer from glucose to Pd-doped NiCo2O4 compared with bare NiCo2O4 infer that Pd-doped NiCo2O4 possesses superior charge-transfer kinetics, which supports the higher glucose-sensing performance. � 2017 American Chemical Society.
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